Our Campus

The campus of W&J College is a beautiful, walkable, and historic campus with modern facilities for research and residence. We have one of the oldest college buildings in the United States, McMillan Hall; built-in 1793, the building houses the Office of the President and other administrative offices. 澳门葡京博彩软件65英亩的校园是一个指定的“树城”区域,包括附近57英亩的土地, Abernathy Field Station, which serves as an outdoor classroom for hands-on ecological research.

Getting to Campus

澳门葡京博彩软件的校园位于匹兹堡以南30英里处, Pennsylvania, 乘汽车或公共汽车很容易到达. 找出什么最适合你.


Buildings & Spaces

拥有55个以上的娱乐设施, residential, and academic buildings, 你会找到事情做的, somewhere to live, 还有很好的学习设施, including the Swanson Science Center and recently renovated Clark Family Library.

斯旺森科学中心,摄于10月21日, 2019年在华盛顿的Creosote影响照片拍摄期间 & Jefferson College.

Campus Store

校长们负责校园商店的生意. 除了总统的商品, textbooks, campus supplies, and gift cards, 校园商店提供支票兑现服务, package shipping, postage stamps, and more. 去罗辛校园中心找澳门葡京博彩软件.

Parents of incoming students shop at the campus store during Gear Up July 31, 2021年在华盛顿校园 & 位于宾夕法尼亚州华盛顿的杰斐逊学院.

Olin Fine Arts Center

艺术系之家, Music, and Communication Arts, 奥林美术中心是校园创意和表达的重要和充满活力的场所. Art gallery, performance venue, 经常在校园举办艺术和文化活动, 奥林吸引了国际知名艺术家和专业音乐家,并全年举办学生表演和艺术展览.

Melissa Haviland与M . Douglas McGlumphy谈话.F.A., 奥林美术馆总监, as she sets up her exhibit in the Olin Fine Art Gallery October 27, 2021年在华盛顿校园 & 位于宾夕法尼亚州华盛顿的杰斐逊学院.

萨尔维蒂家庭体育馆 & Eaton Fitness Center

新装修的萨尔维蒂家庭体育馆和伊顿健身中心为所有学生带来了最先进的运动空间. 俯瞰体育馆, 健身中心配备了跑步机, weight lifting equipment and a variety of other exercise machines. 它一周七天开放,所以你可以集中注意力, balanced, 在你自己的个人健康和健身游戏之上.

21日,学生们在伊顿健身中心健身, 2019年在华盛顿的Creosote影响照片拍摄期间 & Jefferson College.

Take a Virtual Tour!

Explore our beautiful and historic campus from ANYWHERE with our virtual W&J experience! 了解澳门葡京博彩软件独特的学术课程, 充满活力的实习和海外学习机会, 还可以一窥你最喜欢的学习地点和宿舍.